A new way to Celebrate: It’s time to Transition


A new way to Celebrate: It’s time to Transition

Quote: Transitioning is not easy, because we exit from what we knew and enter into what is unknown. ~LWB Butterfly

May is known as a month of transition. It is time for a change, especially now!

May typically is a celebratory month worldwide. People are celebrating birthdays (including me), Mother’s Day, Proms, Graduations, and Weddings. All of these occasions are worth celebrating. It is time to show those you know just how valuable they are and how proud of their achievements you are. For over seven weeks our world was struck with a pandemic that has cause us not to have any desires to celebrate. So many people will blow out their candles alone, there may be people who have lost their mothers, So many teens will not dress up for the prom, Several seniors will not walk across the stage, and couples who will not be saying “I do” in front of their family and friends. However, don’t allow this temporary moment to be your permanent mindset. Be creative during this time and still make those milestones your reality. It may not be the traditional way that we all are used to having to celebrate, but the reality is we’re still here to celebrate so let us find hope in hopelessness, joy in sorrow, peace in confusion, and most of all love in the midst of hatred. You are the only one who can turn your lemons into lemonade.

Take this time to learn how to reevaluate your situations. Yes, we have had to learn how to appreciate things that we took for granted. We were hit hard and for some, it ended their life, but if you are reading this blog that means your life still has a purpose. So this month to reset your approach to life and give yourself permission to live and not die.

Stand tall and walk in confidence this too shall pass and will be apart of your history to share how you witness and survived this pandemic. I have 7 tips for you to remember in the month of MAY.

  1. MAY you find .....peace

  2. MAY you walk in...Love

  3. MAY you be willing to ....forgive

  4. MAY you stay ...focused

  5. MAY you take care of self

  6. MAY you ....think optimistic

  7. MAY you enjoy L.I.F.E. again

MAY this moment in life not break you, instead it will cause you to know you are a survivor and transition into the new you.



It is time to change

Get ready for the venture

Time to transition


Coach Lisa

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