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It is a verb

It is something that is done

Only you can do it

~ LWB Butterfly 🦋

Actions allow a person to show without words. They cause you to go above what you are thinking.

Your current actions will become your future goals.

One stronghold we deal with is procrastination. Try not to allow any obstacles to hold you back from what you say you want.

To do something there must be a plan in place for you to execute it and then you will eventually journey through the process.

Don’t overthink the plan, because that could be counterproductive and cause a delay. Your actions will require time so give yourself what is necessary so you will be proud of the outcome.

Remember for every action there is a reaction so make sure you are in control of your emotional state during the process.

Here are seven tips to help you to master actions.

  1. Don’t focus on results. You know what you want to see happen, so enjoy each step that you need to take

  2. Avoid distraction. They will get you off track and may cause you to completely derail.

  3. No Perfection. It’s an illusion snd could wear you out

  4. Purpose. No, why you are doing what you are thinking. Stay focused on the reason you are taking action

  5. Take risk. Go after what you want. Make sure it will benefit you in the long run

  6. Don’t procrastinate. It may cause you to become lazy about what it is you are desiring

  7. Seek guidance. Experts can help you with your actions. They may help you to be more successful in the end.

The time is now! Take action. We all have dreams and goals to accomplish, but without ACTIONS we can not do them. What do you have to lose!

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