Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Alliances are necessary.  If you want to go at a swift pace go alone.  If you want to go slowly, go together. ~LWB Butterfly 🦋

When we hear the word “alliance” we think of a business relationship, but I want to deprogram our thinking for a moment. The alliance is simply a connection or relationship among people as well as businesses.  When people come together they must have a mutual reason that will benefit a situation.  There is a common ground and objective to agree upon. When unity is executed it allows creativity, talent, and causes people to have a focus. It allows  situations to be able to achieve goals and sometimes takes risks.  For example, there is a movement called Black Lives Matter (BLM), and it has allowed policemen to see the importance Of black lives, and have respect for the black community. It has caused people to come together and stand for justice on behalf of black people. The goal of this movement is to break the mentality in law enforcement. For a long time, the mindset was to mistreat black people without being penalized. If there was not an alliance set up for this movement there is a possibly that it would never have happened. If people do not come together and protest then mistreatment towards people will continue. We must show alliance if we want to see a difference.  

There are three types of alliances that are shown in our society.

1. Joint Venture: Sharing equity and tools to agree upon. It’s an ongoing journey that allows a precise structure that has a plan to execute benefits for everyone involved.  

2. Equity Strategic Alliance:  Is when you invest in someone because they believe in the person or cause. 

3.  Non – Equity Strategic Alliance: There is some interest, but not enough to value the purpose of unity.  

Think about these types of alliances and see if you are willing to do what it takes to make things happen in this evolving world. We all can work together and appreciate the differences instead of possibly ignoring things and letting it go. United we stand and divided we fall.  We have to look at the bigger picture.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why would I involve myself in an alliance? 

  2. What is the scope and goals that are being stood for in the alliance ? 

  3. Am I partnering with the right people if I am aiming for success and standing for justice?               

The alliance is working together and we have to remember that collaboration and brainstorming can be good for everyone.  



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