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Be Courageous

October / Be Courageous Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you knew was just too much to handle? Well, I sure have. I am a survivor of what a lot of women just do not want to face in their life. In January of this year, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I knew I had to figure out a way to not allow this to overtake my life. The first thing I did was stayed focus on God and ask Him to direct my thoughts, path, and purpose. Once I got peace I was able to walk in His power and strength. So, I learned how to support the cause, but not the condition. I now look at the diagnosis in a different way. The imperfections from this were hard for me to reveal and share. I am walking in my truth about this now and I say, don’t allow tarnishing situations to stop you from shine through your storm. It will only try to block you from blessing others with it! Be Courageous (B.C.)” ~LWB Butterfly 🦋. Having courage is like our L.I.F.E. The more we live it the stronger we become. Now the opposite of that is having discouragement. It will weaken us if we do not make the best decision for ourselves. Courageous energy displays the willingness to not be deterred and be brave. It’s about standing up against the odd. You may not have dealt with what I have dealt with, but you have dealt with something. Be Courageous and allow your Creator to strengthen you when you have no hope. Remember to do these 7 things and they should help you during tough times:

  1. Be transparent and vulnerable: fear loves to grip us, face them so they do not break you

  2. Admit your weakness: Being afraid is a natural reaction because we are human first. Learn how to turn your fear into faith

  3. Be optimistic: only positive vibes can strength your soul

  4. Be stress-free: when L.I.F.E happens, remember if you did not put the situation on yourself how can you remove it. Let God get the Glory in your life by walking in His peaceful during difficult times

  5. Show courage: help others through their storms

  6. Persevere: failure may come, but don’t give up. Keep moving forward

  7. Stay focused: once you have courage don’t allow doubt to enter in. Identify and then reject it.

Fear is not welcomed in my life. I live by faith and I know God will see me through. When advertising comes I say “God I am ready to learn a lesson and give you glory from it”. Do not allow your situation to weaken you, deal with the thoughts, emotions, and behavior so that you can reframe and be consistent and committed to having courage. It’s time to Be Courageous!

Be Courageous Coach Lisa W. Beckwith Life is to serve and be served🦋!

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