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Bloom from the Heart and not from a Vase!

February 2020

Bloom from the Heart and not from a Vase! 

This is the month that is known for showing a lot of eros energy towards one another because of this man-made holiday that is on our calendar.  Sometimes this type of love can cause more pain than love because of the systematic purposes behind it.  For example, if you are in a relationship and your partner does not acknowledge the ”love day” by showering a person with gifts, it makes them feel some type of way.  It is really hard not to get caught up in the hype on that day because of the experiences that we have been taught when it comes to appreciating who you are with.  I just want to remind you to not fall into the trap of messing up your situation by pressuring who you are with to do something for you that they may do all year long. This year think about how your partner has bloom into your heart throughout the relationship and you will value them for the many ways they have made you feel special and February 14 has nothing to do with it.  You do not need anything blooming from a glass vase filled with flowers, when you have the persons heart blooming for you everyday. Now I am not saying be anti Valentine's Day. I am simply saying keep it in perspective.  The most sustainable type of love is agape and once we understand that type of love we will have a more healthier outlook on relationships anyway.  I have seven tips for you to remember when it comes to being involved with someone. 

1. Don't just hear their words, listen to them as well

2. Set regular times to just chill and enjoy one another 

3. Remember to not ignore yourself, giving to someone else may cause you to forget your own needs

4. Don't look to each other for completion. You both are already whole individuals

5. Enjoy the baby gestures. They matter!

6. Identify the LOVE language that you share 

7. Remember we are human first. Forgiveness is the key!

Why spend so much time complaining about a relationship versus enjoying it? Don’t be resentful about the choice you made? Do not pressure the person that you chose to be in your life. Take some time away to reflect on your reason for choosing the person in the first place. Try not to measure your relationship based on a set holiday. You have all year to show what one day tells you what you should have. 



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