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Bound by Imbalance: No more find your Balance in life.

Problems are not purposed to break us, instead they are to show us just how strong we really are. ~LWB Butterfly🦋

The greatest and securest thing is to have a balance in life, identify the energy that is trying to stop it and remove it. ~LWB Butterfly 🦋

Have your ever had an ear ache and it caused your equilibrium to be off and you felt off balanced? Sometimes in life that can happen as well. It can make you feel out of proportion, and not quite yourself.  People who feel imbalance can deal with the emotions of despair when trying to discover what is going on inside.  In life we encounter hurdles and obstacles that are out of our control and then it may feel like the hills are getting higher and higher over time and you don’t know how to handle them.  We will never know what total peace and stability in the world is like without balance, because of the reason of being bound by imbalance. It causes a person to experience dark thoughts that turns into pessimism and negativity.  A lot of the times those emotions are formed by fear.  It’s time to break free from them. It first starts when we can identify that there is an actual imbalance. I say this because I was dealing with an issue in my life that was very hard for me to except. It caused me to feel so imbalanced about everything that I was doing. It caused me to lose love for myself and any type of optimistic hope. I had to learn how to deprogram my thoughts and get the right support and help I need it. Sometimes you cannot deal with things alone, you need others to help you on your journey. However there are times when your imbalance can causes a chemical breakdown. You have to be willing to get that support as well. You have to want to learn how to improve the way you express yourself and not keep things inside that matters the most.  Live a life that causes you to face your imbalances and then you will learn how to master a life that you never thought was possible.  The unknown truth of who you are is just a discovery away.  Getting a balanced life is finding out where you may have lost your hope.  It’s time to maintain a balanced life by facing the obstacles.  It’s better to raise yourself up to be in a better place.  You can be complete by opening up and discovering what you really need. It is essential to maintain a quality lifestyle and have fun doing it.  The elements in our life helps us to balanced things out so we want develop imbalance behavior. In order for that to happen we have to consider how much time we spend in each area. I have seven tip that may show you how to conquer your life and remove the bound by imbalanced mindset.

Health: Be mindful of your mental and physical care. Maintain an optimist mindset.Relationships/Family time: It  is valuable and a great support system. Socialize: have a circle of friend who you have common ground with and can trust.  Conversations may form from others past pain and issues, but you may be able to help someone overcome their hurt by just being a listener.Financial Freedom: make sure your equation balanced your needs and wants out, so you want be imbalance and enjoy life without the hardship of depth.Career: Love what you are passionate in doing and remember life is to serve and be served. Spiritual: make time to check your natural balance (chakra) and make sure they are well balanced. When one is off it throws everything off. We have our six sense which is our faith and without that it will cause a hopeless mindset.Nurture Self: Love on yourself, but not in a narcissistic way.No surprises: it’s OK to prepare for the unexpected, but don’t think that it won’t ever happen! Not being prepared is what causes the triggers.

Unfortunately we can’t prepare for the unknown and that can be scary.  Just be willing to live on this earth with a heart of gratitude, understanding, and patience.  Let your energy attract an optimistic outcome and reasonable resolution for yourself and others.  Defuse the stress and being so concrete about everything. Learn to incorporate fun and laughter into your life. 



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