Career Goals: Steps Toward Success!

Career Goals: Steps Toward Success!

Concentrate on your goals and stay on course! 

Success is to have an aim for something, failure is lacking something. Courage is distinguishing between the two. ©️ 2019 LWB Butterfly 🦋

Setting goals can enhance a persons mindset to make sure that  they are working toward their interests. Goals can keep you focused on what it is your are desiring to accomplish in your life. When making career goals, remember to be optimistic and reward yourself when each goal has been met in some kind of way. This will help you with your next goal. For example, I have a goal to get two of my books into school systems, so I have to make sure I connect with all of the schools in my area. Now I know it will take work for this to happen, and I need to make sure I am setting realistic goals so that I won't feel like a failure if the tasks are not complete. If you think about it, creating career goals can be designed by simply having interests put into categories.  Hopefully you will base the goals on your strengths and abilities that enhance your skill set. For instance, if you are a communicator, make sure that all your goals give you the opportunity to communicate. If you are strong at leading people, make your goals center around leadership.  No matter what,  always remind yourself that your current work situation will be a launching pad for your ultimate career choices.  I have a few guidelines to help you with setting your goals by creating a vision board for common career goal structures. 

Guidelines for Goals

1. Improve Communicative Dialogue 

2. Implement Leadership Strategies

3. Apply Teamwork Building 

4. Implement 21st  Century Trends

Established career goals will boost your chances of seeking the right job for yourself to sustain a tailored career in a job of your choice.When setting goals, keep realistic time-frames. Your ideal goals are personal and should reflect your interests that will benefit you (and possibly your current line of work).

A career is purposed to show the world your creativity, your talents, and your skills; however, your worth is immeasurable!

 ©️ 2019 LWB Butterfly 🦋

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