Being transparent

It allows a connection

Lucidity is expressed

~LWB Butterflies 🦋

Lucidity allows clearness of a person's thought. We must clarify truth directly if we are seeking understanding from one another. Clarity allows a connection that causes a strong engagement between people. If you don’t have clarity, confusion can setting in and cause misunderstandings.

Clarity expresses what we really want to say and gives you the confidence you need to share with others. It removes the unknown feelings and thoughts that someone may have.

Clarity is simplifying a situation that could get out of control if it is not handled. Your messages will improves and you will be able to connection well with others.

Here are seven tips that can help you to always clarify what your true intentions are with people and yourself

  1. Be Concise - keep it sweet and short (KISS)

  2. Be Laser-focus - with your actions, intentions, and deeds

  3. Be specific - with what you want and remove any ambiguities (uncertainties) from a situation

  4. Give Results - Show others how you will measure success effective

  5. Strong Communication - Be skilled and crafty with how you impact others with your words of truth.

  6. Be direct- make sure you target what you want in your messages to people so there is no misunderstandings

  7. Say Yes/No ....this will confirm or deny what you really want and have agreed to without be misunderstood

Clarity is something we all should want to offer in our conversation. It’s not good to allow someone to not fully understand what you thoughts about something really is. This is a sign of maturity.

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