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"Completion": Septum (seven) ways to Refocus our Energy

Quote: You do not need anyone to complete you, but everyone can be apart of your overflow.

~LWB Butterfly🦋

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

—J. Pierpont Morgan

We all have a unique scheme as individuals. Most of us were taught to set goals and try to reach them each day.  The closer we get to them the more we feel like we are reaching our  mission. In order for us to master our goals we have to make sure our goals will give us the completion that we are seeking after.  Our decisions and actions must align up with the correct energy that we have on the inside, so that it will reflect a clear understanding for the universe to receive us. However, the path is not always obvious and we have to hit the "refocus" button if we are wanting the results that our hearts are desiring to share.  There are many times in our lives where it may feel that we lack direction, support, love, and wisdom. We find ourselves blaming others for our decisions, because we did not seek after the right energy for us to follow in the first place. I remember the time I had to make the decision to remove myself from a toxic situation that once was a loving one.  I did not know how to let go nor face the reality of where my relationship had ended up. First of all, I fell in love too young and did not know the true meaning of love. But once I was involved it was hard for me to detach myself. Even though I wanted to have a healthier relationship, I did not know how it looked.  So I found myself in a repeated pattern of lies, manipulation, and deception. My goal is not to paint a bad picture of the person I chose to be with, instead is to show you how I had to learn how to "refocus" my energy.  I am sharing my story with you in hopes that you will see that if it is time for you to find your truths for yourself you can by simply refocusing your energy and feeling complete with who you are.  Take some time to meditate and allow your inner being to provide you with some guidance and wisdom so that you may live out your potential. You were created with a purpose, and only you can discover that for yourself. So many times we try to get others to give us the approval we need. No one can represent you like yourself.  Try not to hinder or ignore the signals that come across in your mind that will stop you from "refocusing" and getting to the place of going after what you want.  Nothing is a coincidence, everything happens when it is suppose to. Remember to be patient with yourself and set your goals with a reasonable measure. The last thing you need to do is pressure and frustrate yourself.  Keep your spiritual energy strong so that you will make sound choices for your life.  We are humans first and we have to know how to recharge our spirits; because it can get drained from all of the issues in life that may cross our path.  If you are feeling empty, it is time to fill yourself back up again.  We have to maintain a high level of hope for ourselves in order to engage with others effectively. I have seven was to refocus your energy.

1) Set your Life Plan (No more procrastinating). It helps us to re focus and accomplish specific goals for our ultimate success.

2) View yourself as a Whole Being: Look at your life through the lenses of parts that makes a systematic way towards wholeness.  We have four elements of Life-- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. These elements require us to have a career/trade, relationships, health, and spiritual connections in our being. These four components can create a powerful harmony that will cause your to have an energy that will develop a revolving overflow in your life.  Give yourself daily reminders. It will help you to stay focused and be intentional.

3) Take breaks in Your Life: Taking breaks allows you to refocus, so that you can rearrange things. Pace yourself so you will enjoy your life’s journey.

4)  Have a flexible budget for life’s pop ups: adjust how you spend based on your monthly needs. Things change and so do you. It will illuminated the pressures of accomplishment from a prior month when a situation arise that you were not prepared for. 

5) Set boundaries and stay loyal to them: No more double standards! Do not allow anyone to determine what you want for yourself. Refocus and be transparent about what you want and need for your life. Live an unapologetic life. Set expectations for everyone to following. They may not accept them, but that’s the risk of being a boundary kind of person!

6) Trust who need to be trusted: Form a group of people who will truly understand you and be there for you. It’s time out for unsolicited advice. Especially if it’s against what you are wanting.  You do not need anyone to complete you, but everyone can be apart of your overflow. Connect with people who will empower and inspire you because that is what you would do for them. It’s called respect!

7.) Be willing to walk alone: In order to refocus your energy and feel completed, you must understand that this journey may cause you to separate from individuals who do not vibe like you. Protect your energy. It’s not saying that you are better than someone. Instead it is reminding you of who you are and what you want for your life.

My suggestions and professional advice may seem easier said than done. But, remember I am not saying anything to you that I did not experience myself. Taking these steps I shared with you was not easy, but I found out it was worth it and very much needed.  I had to find out who I was and that the energy I had  collected throughout my life was from others energy.  I had to discover "me" in order to know what type of energy I really wanted to have.  When I dealt with the lose/absence of my first major love it was a hard, hurtful, and an emotional recovery, but I figured out how to refocus and connect with the right energy, so that I could live a positive life. You can do the exact same thing. Don’t allow you to hold you back anymore. Refocus and embrace your new energy! 



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