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Your focus is off

It takes your full attention

Prevents you from goals

~LWB Butterfly 🦋

Distractions keep you from focusing on what truly matters to you and for your life. It is a subtle way that causes you to forget what is important. It’s time to stay on track and not allow situations, circumstances, or people to remove you from achieving things in your life.

Not being distracted takes time and the bottom line is you have to identify it in order to prevent it. It’s time for you to win back what’s important in your life

It’s hard not to allow your pleasures to get in the way ...

Here are seven tips that will help you not to lose focus and become distracted

  1. Remove things that will take your attention

  2. Keep vision - Be dedicated to things you are trying to accomplish

  3. No procrastinating- stay on task don’t be stuck complete the task in an effective way

  4. No extreme- Create and set small and long term goals that will keep you forced

  5. Visualize - get your mind and body ready for what you want

  6. Balance thoughts we deal with both negative and positive thoughts in life just don’t be distracted when they come

  7. Be discipline rules and standards will make a difference when you are setting boundaries

Momentum allows a person to stick to what they are wanting.

Breaks are good but don’t forget to return back to the necessary every day routine that you will need to avoid any distractions in your life.


Coach Lisa

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