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Doing ME

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Bloom into Life Unapologetically: Doing Me: Break-free from what others think! Why try to be someone else? Express your words freely, those who do not have a problem with them know your intentions, and those who do have a problem, you know their intentions. -LWB Butterfly 🦋

I remember when I first started doing me. People were treating me like I was doing something wrong. To be honest, I thought I was doing something wrong by standing up for myself. I thought I had to make others feel better than I was making myself feel. I learned this at such a young age, because I was brought up to please others and that caused me to overlook myself. I remember being in high school and often receiving allowances from my parents. My first thoughts were to give them away, which would leave me with nothing. Now, don’t get me wrong, giving to others is a wonderful feeling and a great thing to do, but often, the people we give to are people who do not know how to give back to us. We find ourself always in the giving lane. Well, doing you will cause you to change your lane. I had to learn that my actions spoke louder than my words, I started considering me first and stopped pleasing others. I did not have to say one word. The key to doing you is being consistent with what you want for yourself. Sometimes, we will discover that we want better than the way we even treat ourselves. It’s really not how others treat us, but rather, self-treatment. We become wiser after we have been fooled for so long. In society, the goal for people is to make you be who they want you to be instead of being who you really are. Free yourself from them and who you thought you were, in their eyes. Be confident in what it is in the core of your soul and not what is in the mind of someone else! Rise up and live your best life. When I realized I was not as important to people as they were to me, it really hurt, but I had to identify that truth in order for me to stop pouring myself into others who do not return that energy back to me. I had to BE me in order to DO me, and eventually, I saw the benefit FOR me! Finally, I created the person I was intended to be, so excuse me (with no apology) for being what I was designed to be: me. You may call it selfish, but I call it becoming aware of who I am and who I belong to! My time and energy is worth me protecting. It is up to all of us to walk in wisdom when connecting with others. All of who we are is what others should accept. Remember: YOU are the 100 percent. Others are the overflow of energies in your life. So do you with a smile and with no apologies!

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