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Feeling Threatened!

Why do we feel threatened by being similar to other people?  We are threatened by differences because we may discover we are really the same. We look for relationships with other people when in reality we should be looking within for the ultimate one. Which is YOU! I think about this question often myself and want to make sure that I am not that person. But to be transparent, I think we all have had this thought process before. When we feel threatened it becomes the energy of having a mindset that generates a very intense vibe. It causes a person to trigger in a way that shows a hostile reaction against someone that was done and they are ready to “strike". Our brain is designed to help us to protect ourselves and we express it emotionally and verbally. This level of susceptibility is a sensitive zone for most people and can cause a person to feel threatened when they feel as though they have been treated wrongly by someone or a situation.   If your mind feels as though you have been treated unfairly learn how to defuse yourself and do a self-evaluation.  When we are dealing with a similar situation that we see in someone else we should not feel threatened by it, instead, we should help them if it is wrong and celebrate when it is greatness been shown.  I personally love to encourage people and I never want anyone to hurt because of what I said, assume, or feel.  I never want to project what I am dealing with on someone and make them feel like they are wrong just in order for me to feel right.  If truth be told, we are similar to one another and should not feel or think that is a bad thing.  Being different is a good thing, but sometimes being the same as a greater impact! No one can IDENTITY you better than you. ©️2019 LWB Butterfly 🦋 Always Remember, Life is to serve and be served!


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