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Give your soul right back to you!

Give your soul right back to you! Give thanks no matter what! Keep being honest, joyful, and optimistic.

Quote: It’s nothing like falling in love with YOU. ~LWB Butterfly 🦋.

Quote: Love yourself first, because that’s who you will be spending the rest of your life with. ~unknown

What happens when you realize your honesty may cause greater consequences than you thought?

What does joy look like to you?

How can you live an optimistic life in a pessimistic world?

Our society does very well with teaching us how to fall in love and find a soulmate. I have found it not to be so true with teaching us how to fall in love with ourselves and be content with being alone. When you think about it, all of the imaginaries represent loving someone and being loved by them. Most of the storylines on movies are about finding someone and loving them and hoping that they will love you back. This month I want us to focus on giving your soul right back to you. This has nothing to do with narcissism, however, it does have everything to do with self-worth in a healthy way. I understand the concept of someone loving you first, because as a parent when you have a child you fall in love. You decrease the attention from yourself and you apply it to that individual who cannot do anything for themselves. If you are not a parent, then your experiences could have been with a career or something else. Regardless, most of us have experienced loving something or someone more than ourselves at some point. When you start to love yourself more, you find out what you deserve and you live life with no regrets. If you do not find this out, typically, you fall into a trap on how others think of love for us. In our society love is shown by exotic actions romantic behavior, and overflow of gifts. Love is displayed as being a verb and not an emotion. But there are other ways to identify love, especially self-love. Contrary to how you were raised and told about yourself now that you know better, you should desire to do better. You will realize the gem that you are and you will treat yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually the way you deserve to be treated. There’s no one who can love you like you. There are a lot of people in this universe who struggle with understanding how special they really are. Most of us rate ourselves negatively before we could understood all of the positivity that we offer. Somehow with automaticity, we become our worst critics. We blame ourselves for not mastering mistakes that we may have done. Then, somehow we find a way to punish ourselves. We all deal with different things and those things can cause us to feel bad about who we are because of what we have chosen to do. I dealt with not liking myself when I was a young girl because I was overweight. Therefore, I found myself struggling with eating. As a young person I realized that I did not want to look a certain way, so I put myself on a diet and lost the weight. I programmed myself to think I had to look a certain way if I wanted to have confidence within myself. So trust me, I have experienced this just like the next person. Having no worth in who you are will lead you to an empty place and that is why I had to write this. If we cannot master this in our life we will only mask it with others. It is not right to think less of yourself because you are measuring who you are to what you see in others. We all are wonderful and uniquely made and we should learn how to walk in that truth. Now, some people develop this mentality because of what they have heard others say about them. Let me be the first to apologize for their pain, because the saying is hurt people, hurt people and that is true. How can a hurt person help you if they are in pain? So, you have to identify a persons intention of who they are and what they want from you. It’s time to turn the light on and keep it shining forever! Let’s discover how to do just that. Don’t waste anymore of your precious energy trying to love another soul before you love yours first. Below are some tips to help you to do just that. These tips are verbs they will cause you to do what you need in order to be who you never thought you could be.

1. Remove negative energy: I know you may have been use to it but detach it from your soul now.

2. Identify what you want and start making it happen for yourself. Learn to walk in your joyful lane. This may appear scary at first because you have been looking through the wrong lens. It’s time to throw out those thoughts, so you can truly see who you are and not what someone else think you should be and do.

3. Break away from your familiarities! It’s okay to explore different things. It’s really the common things that causes us to be afraid and of stepping out and doing something new.

4. Be engaging! It’s time out for the same routine. Sit down and really think about all the things you have been attracted to, but not willing to do. It’s time to take that leap and live your best life.

5. Be still! Find time to spend alone with yourself so that you can figure things out. Meditation is a redirecting force that will help you to remove yourself from you and then return with a renewed mindset.

6. Flirt with YOU! It’s okay to say, “wow, you are amazing, gorgeous, funny, and kind”. If you don’t identify those traits, someone who has bad intentions can trick you with their views of you. Don’t be fooled by others opinions of you. Know who you are. Just don’t be arrogant about it. Remember your goal is to walk with optimism.

7. Find your purpose! It does not matter of your age. If you are discovering who you are you, you will see many things that will attract you. It’s okay, because you possibly did not know you had those interests in the first place.

Giving your soul back to you will take time. You know of all the choices that you made and all of the things you have done through your journey in life. Don’t be hard on yourself. Just love you in the mist of your mistakes and flaws. We are human and we will fall down. The key is for us to get back up and try it again. Stop punishing yourself and learn to forgive you for all the things that made you feel bad about who you are! Most of us grow up with the learned behaviors from our upbringings. Our families did the best they could for us, now it’s time for us to do the same and more. Your first love should be you! It’s time to truly be honest with you, live a life full of joy and stay optimistic about yourself! Be thankful for who you are versus who you are not.



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