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Graduating (PART 2)-Trouble With Trust

Graduating into a New Zone: 

Dealing with Abandonment


Quote: Cherish all, Trust a few, and Mislead no one. -LWB Butterfly 🦋

It’s okay to mistrust when someone has revealed themselves, but we should not be that way

with everything/everyone. Remember our future is unknown and we should trust that.

- LWB Butterfly 🦋

“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always, one more time”

Maya Angelou

When a mirror breaks, it has a lot of pieces and you can still see yourself. However, you must realize that the wholeness is now broken into pieces. Trust is the same. You can still give a person all your trust until they break the vibe. Then you have to walk with caution, because you may get cut! When someone has hurt someone else, the trust is the first thing that will vanish. It’s causes a person to have to build that trust again and this is where fears lurks. The hurt individual can make the decision to trust the offender again, but it is important for the offender to realize that they have to prove themselves to the offended. Most of the time, the others tell lies to protect the ones they love from the truth. It’s like people turn an honorable situation into a toxic one in the name of “protection”, then find themselves ending up with nothing but their lie.  Once the trust has been broken, the offended individual experience a tap-out in their situation and trust with a guarded heart. When we involve ourselves with others, it is important to understand that we are either all in or all out. There's no straddling the fence. Trust requires trust and when someone is honest with their situation, they really expect that vulnerable energy and respect to return to them. That is why it is so hard to move on from. Most people think love is the key to trust. I feel that our love can be a choice (for the most part). We choose who we want to love and how hard we will show them the love. I feel that you can love a person you don’t trust, because it does not mean you have to stay connected. Our Creator’s love is based on unconditional energy, however human love is built on circumstances (choices), which  is the foundation of trust. Therefore, the complexity of the two are hard to handle. For example, I have strong love, but once I discover some truths that I do not like, I have to set boundaries in order to protect myself so that I would not continue in an unhealthy pattern of mistrust.  It is also not healthy to enter into any situation with old baggage. If you choose to move forward on a new path, truly think about not having the mistrust factor into the equation. Learn to walk into your new journey with new energy. 


                                              7 CHAKRAS RESOLUTIONS

1. You question the way you cherish people. Be secure in why you love the way you do and don’t try to change it. Trust that your CROWN CHAKRA is well balanced and you are walking in wisdom.

2. You feel the need to “find” information out by going through others' personal belongings. Instead learn to trust your BROW CHAKRA. Your  intuition will not fail you.

3. You feel insecure about their (your offender's) response. Instead, learn to allow your THROAT CHAKRA to guide you.

  4. You are to predictable and you think that person should be the same. Instead learn to set boundaries and protect your HEART CHAKRA.

5. You decide to become untrustworthy by possibly doing the same things they did to you. Learn to operate in your POWER CHAKRA and don’t allow anyone to cause you to tarnish your integrity.

6. You feel lack of intimacy with that person because of the distance. Learn to identify your SACRAL CHAKRA and make sure you have not ignored your own needs because of your emotional disconnection with someone.

7 .You see that non trust has caused separation and the connection has departed. Learn to identify your BASE CHAKRA because your foundation may be unstable and need some attention.

When you get into a situation or relationship, it is important to realize that you are already 100%. You have to realize that being with someone is only your overflow. You do not want to enter into any relationship and end up with less than you entered with (your 100%). Remember, just because you can be trusted does not (always) mean others can be! Have a balance and know when to fold and walk away with no regrets (if the situation turns left)! Some people say don’t give up, but in some cases you have to do what’s best for your life and trying to change someone can be more draining for you. In the words of what a a wise woman shared with the universe, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them”. - Maya Angelou 

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