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Making That Change, but don't change yourself!

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Make that change, but don't change yourself!

We must learn how not to change our character while we are learning how to change our circumstances!©️2018 LWB Butterfly 🦋

In remembrance of our late and great Maya Angelou, “Do your best until you know better, when you know better, you will do better!"

Do you have someone in your life with whom you get soulful advice? I love to sit down and talk with my dad, because he makes this complex life simple, and breezy. In his lifetime, he always took pride in the solace of life, the simple things made him happy. He was a painter, and was street smart. He would always give good advice, but his stories would go in and out, up and down, and before long, you would find yourself daydreaming! The dots would all connect in the end though! That is where I got into trouble. Even when we were growing up, he would always ask us, "Now, tell me what I just said"! I would panic! Overtime, I had to learn the art of listening to a person versus hearing them. My dad‘s messages take time to process. The stories, like art, may have a focus, but that focus is created by so many colors and shades to cover the empty space. For most of us, we just want someone to be direct, say what they mean, and mean what they say, so that we can move on. But moving on without absorbing the journey would result in a misunderstanding and lack of respect for the person sharing with you! I had to learn in L.I.F.E. that being an active listener opens doors for new beginnings and opportunities. I had to value the words of others, and do, more-so, now, because I want my voice to be heard. My dad speaks with a very strong dialogue (cursing at times), but he is passionate about his messages and purposes behind them. Our current conversations remind me of my childhood, and how I "had" to listen to him. Now, I want to listen to him. One lesson that I want to share is that daddy taught me how not to lose myself in the midst of gaining myself. No matter what your circumstances are, we must never allow our circumstances to change who we are. In a recent coaching session, our topic was how we can change, especially when it comes to finances. Daddy loves to jam to music, and one Artist touched on just this subject. His name, Arthur Conley. The song, People Sure Act Funny. A couple of versus stood out for him: "people shou act funny when they get a little money, yes they do yall, people shou do squeal when they get a dollar bill, yes they do y’all".The lyrics sound funny, but they are so true. Daddy shared that many times, especially regarding finances, it is very easy to lose who we are, because we are not used to all of our desires being met. I want to share with the universe: make resolutions, but don’t let them make you. If your finances are not where they should be, or where you want them to be, then, it is up to you to make the changes that you need and want to see. Just remember that when you reach your goal with your finances, or anything else,(which you will), don’t let them break you or damage your character. Besides, what’s the point in reaching your goals and still being lost because you drop the most important key: having the attitude of gratitude throughout any circumstance!

Don't lose who you are trying to gain what you want! ©️2018 LWB Butterfly 🦋.



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