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Appears like kindness

It’s superiority

Treatment is unseen

~LWB Butterfly 🦋

It’s not easily identified, especially if you are the target

It’s an insulting put down towards your efforts

It appears like you can’t do anything right

Beware of the condescending word like “sweetie” it’s a sign of being kindly insulting.

Communication with a person if you feel like this is happening to you. It could happen at work or home. Be honest and clear the air so you won't feel dismissed

Here are 7 signs to beware of as you identify this trait

  1. Not taken seriously - They become condescending towards you and the things you do and don’t treat you with respect

  2. Interruptions - The first sign of disrespect is because the person does not value your point of view (POV). They cut off your reasonings

  3. Extreme feedback - With you always doing something or never doing something. It’s a grand exaggeration of your actions and words.

  4. Saying “calm down” - It appears like you are being irate and need some direction on how to behave. They appear strong and make you feel weak and vulnerable. They don’t want you to express your feelings.

  5. Know it all - The person constantly dismisses your concerns by overriding the issues. Their thought process is better than yours.

  6. Solo decisions - Plans are made without your input or ideas. They feel as though your thoughts are not good enough.

  7. Unsolicited Suggestion - The superiority comes out at this point and the person feels the need to give their insight about your issue.

Patronizing is a put-down that you should not continue to allow.

Go with your inner feeling and address the issues before it gets out of control.

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