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Personal Empowerment: Relationships

Spring into Fresh Energy this month by identifying your Personal Empowerment with yourself and other relationships. This process may take time for some and be automatic for others. I had to learn how to build up my personal empowerment from within, and I had to be the one to make it happen. I had to be confident, determined, and strong enough to create boundaries and sensible goals for myself. We all have strengths and weaknesses that can cause us to activate our potentials or deactivate them because of doubts and fears. Once we tap into our abilities and discover our talents and skills we will be able to handle different situations on a daily bases. We first need to realize our roles and not allowing any situation to overtake us if we can not change it on our own. For example, if you are in a relationship that does not allow you the opportunity to be creative, explore different opportunities or voice your views in a situation you may be limiting yourself and your abilities of not reaching your full potential in that relationship. Therefore, you may need to reconsider what your agreed to with that person. In a relationship you should be able to voice your opinions and views just like the other person. So many times in a real relationship it is only one person who feels empowered and often times that will cause problems for that couple or situations. Be a person who is aware of who they are and what they want. Never place yourself in a relationship that enables you by devaluing your true abilities. Be free to fly like a flag and move around like a bird. We are not suppose to be in a cage. Our Creator did not create us to do that, so do not allow others to do it to you. Be free and liberate yourself! You are the only person who will be with you all day everyday! So keep influencing yourself by staying empowered! -LWB



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