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Personal Growth

Personal Growth


Personal Process

It takes time to get somewhere

Let the journey start

~ LWB Butterfly 🦋

April showers bring May flowers. That is the reality of understanding how much time plays a major part in our growth. In April, the rain comes to make sure the ground is getting the nutrients it need for plant seeds to grow properly.

In life, we have five elements. They are health, spiritual, relationship, career, and financial. Each one of them requires us to have some form of growth. I have learned how to be a whole person and take each element one at a time. For you to grow you must understand that is a process. We have to identify what it is we need to grow in and learn how to nurture it. Once we do that we see the developmental process has started.

It is always good for us to self-development because it shows that we are maturing. Deciding to want to grow gives us a quality of life that will cause us to enhance, achieve, and become the best person possible.

When we grow we deal with our situation in a healthy way, so they won't cause us to react ineffectively. Take control of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior so you can reframe from not being consistent with your growth process.

Here are 7 tips towards developing your personal growth

  1. Be compassionate with yourself and see how much you want a difference in your life. Understanding you see they change need to happen

  2. Be confident in knowing that you are discovering new ways to improve yourself. Boost your self up to achieve what it is you want

  3. Remove fear it will like you back from your growth process, you want to nurture yourself because you are afraid to make a move

  4. Be friendly with others will help you to develop because you want to think people are out to get you and not see you grow. It will remove the illusions

  5. Don’t be mad at who you currently are. Take the mistakes and learn from them. Keep a good headspace with yourself

  6. Stop procrastinating it will only delay your process. There is no tomorrow. You only have today to make a change

  7. Be strong you were made to endure. Find your inner power and operate in it

We are resilient. Don’t think otherwise! Be willing to develop and see just how much you can grow


Coach Lisa

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