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Arranging yourself

Particular position

It’s a special place

LWB Butterfly 🦋

Position yourself to live in happiness, I understand that bad situation may be something you may experience. On those days allow yourself to learn a lesson and on those best days allow yourself to enjoy the memories.

How are you positioning yourself with things you want to see happen?

Allowing favor to flow in your life so you can see results that will position you to master the goals that you desire.

Positioning yourself to be creative and you will be surprised with the outcome.

Be honest with what you are wanting to position yourself to do in order for you to discover what is best for you.

Here are 7 tips that will help you as you are developing was to position yourself for greatness

  1. Actively Listen /Silence the business (people, devices, entertainment) to the inner voice inside. Find a quiet place and process ways to execute your discoveries by connecting with your creator

  2. Ask questions: Have a deep conversation with self and find out what exactly you want to accomplish in life. Be specific

  3. Build relationships: put yourself in situation for others to help you grow and learn new ways to resolve resolutions for yourself

  4. Be ready: discuss ways that will reflect the right opportunities. It’s time to deliver the message you want the world to know about you

  5. Made up mind: be your own influencer. See yourself as a powerful, determined, and dedicated person, and others will do the same. Be your own reflection.

  6. Show Confidence: present yourself to other with an assurance of knowing who you are and be the light they brighten up a room

  7. Follow up: Handle challenges by address tough situations in a way that will guide you towards correcting errors verse ignoring them. Position benefiting moments for yourself.

I hope these tips helped you to not rely on others to position you, learn how to do it yourself. Make others believe in you by showing them you know how to position yourself as a magnet to draw in what you want.


Coach Lisa

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