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Spiritual & Emotional Intelligence

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Spiritual and  Emotional Intelligence

Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence have powerful forces behind them and I discovered mind through understanding what EQ (emotional intelligence) was and how to operate in it.  Most of us have to find and determine our own success from it. When I discovered who I truly am, it was not based solely on my EQ, because I did not identify that level of intelligence until later in my life, however, I was and am a person who get along well with others, and have high self-esteem about myself in life situations.  I celebrated people and I am not jealous nor threatened by anyone.  

As I matured in life, I discovered that I had another part of my intelligence that was stronger, influential, and morally driven that I loved about myself.  It was my SQ (Spiritual Intelligence).  I was 19 years old when I recognized this intelligence level, but it took years later for me to identify what it meant.  I just knew it was essential for my well-being. My SQ taught me how to align meaning and purpose in my life by allowing me to create possibilities that I never that were possible.  When you discover your SQ it will allows you the opportunity to utilize your natural EQ and combine it with your SQ in a unique way so that you can express who you and and what your talents and gifts are so that this universe can benefit from it. Our lives has a divine purpose and global intelligence level that we must learn to tap into.  The world has categorized several well know intelligence people, but I am here to remind you that your name is on that list as well. You just have to dig deep and find it for yourself.  

As individuals we must learn how to FIND, KNOW, and then NEVER LOSE who we are. FIND your true self may take time because we all start out by modeling what we were taught by those who raised us. It’s others thoughts of what we should want and be. That typically comes from our upbringing from our parents. Then there comes a time when we must simply discover L.I.F.E. for ourselves. That is when we start to develop what we KNOW we want for ourselves.  We are all one being with several layers to who we really are. I grow up with strong morals and home training, however, I had to find my own way as it related to my spiritual growth. My father grow up Catholic and my mother is Baptist. Neither one of them forced their beliefs on us as children (my siblings & I), however, they introduced to us both sides of their spiritual upbringing and as individuals we decided to find and follow what was best for us.  Once I connected my beliefs and morals together I knew I was not a religion person at all so neither one of my parents spiritual upbringing interested me.  I knew I wanted to be set apart from those doctrines for my life.  I knew I need a higher power, but it was not based on man laws, instead it was for me to gain awareness of my spirituality and connect with my Creator the best way that was suitable for me.  After that point I NEVER LOST myself and learned how to operate in my EI and SQ in an intelligence and non offensive way towards others.  If you need to learn how to FIND, KNOW, and NEVER LOSE yourself in order for you gain an more intelligent YOU, then, call today and schedule your appointment with Lisa 919.719.3930.  Always remember, Life is to serve and be served! But you have to serve yourself first!



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