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Stand out and be Different!

Career Choice : MARCH into your new IDENTITY. Stand out and be Different!  Stand out of your comfort zone with your career can sometimes be intimidating. I remember when I had to do this. I was in a comfortable work environment for over 16 years, working a job that I know inside out. One day, I had to make a decision that caused me to stand out and be different from what I was use to doing. The choice caused me to make a huge change in my life. It caused me to be different from what I made my life to be, and start crafting it into what I was entering into. I had to literally learn a whole new industry that I wanted to engage in with was education.  I know nothing about being a teacher other than having a desire to be one when I was a little girl. In order for that to happen, I had to further my education and inter into a Master's program at a prestigious university.  My creator reminded me of my true desire and in order for that to happen, I had to go through a new process.  The job  I had was not a passion for me.  However, it was a blessed opportunity that I found myself in at that time in my life.   I was spending large parts of my life working in an arena that hid my true abilities.  I later discovered that it was preparing me to stand out and be  different in my new journey.  The new career I was seeking after caused me to walk alone and surround myself around others who could guide as an educator.  Even though I was launching into something different, God place me in a wonderful school where the principal gave me an opportunity to serve students and receive mentoring by great teachers.  I was so unfamiliar with what to do, and it was not an easy task. I had to deprogram my mind from the executive world and program my mind to understand the educational world. It was not that I had chosen the wrong career path that I was on, instead my Creator was preparing me for a different one. I took the skills I had developed and applied them in my new position.  What I was doing had aligned me for what I am doing to this very date.  If you think you are in the wrong profession and it’s time to seek something different because you do not feel comfortable (or satisfied), then it’s time to step out and do something differently for yourself just like I did. Be a stallion and stand tall, confident, and determined. We do not have to be in any situation permanently. What you were doing worked for you at one point in your life. Now, it may be time to do something different. Make your new identity and step out on faith. Is it time for you to switch your profession and do something new? What are your interests and ambitions? Allow me to help you identify your change by taking a career aptitude test.  It will give you a clear structure for your new career path. Do not rush your process. I did not! Standing out and be different. It is something that you should have peace in seeking after by making essential, executive, passionate, respectful and fundamental choices for your new career decisions. It’s time to live your best life to the fullest! Call me today and set up your appointment! 919.719.3930. 

 Live life with the mindset of stretching yourself as long as your neck will take you! ©️2018  LWB Butterfly.



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