Stretch Yourself!

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Live L.I.F.E with the mindset of stretching yourself as long as your neck will take you! -LWB Butterfly

One day I was thinking about what color I wanted my room to be. I thought about the my scenery, my interest in the color, and the need to feel brightness as I relax in my Haven. So, I decided to go with the colors white and orange. One color was soft and the other color was bold. I was on the search for  images that would complement my new look.  The search was not easy, but I finally found a picture that had a white background with an orange giraffe on it. That was the perfect piece for my room and final piece for my new look. I placed it on the wall where I could see it every day. I was curious about a Giraffe’s meaning, so I did my research and discovered that a giraffe is a graceful animal that is well-groomed and moves in L.I.F.E. with confidence. They are not arrogant but have an extraordinary need to be the center of attention, however, they are self-conscious because of their body structure.  Nevertheless, a giraffe does not hide nor lower themselves. That is what they were designed to be. That does not mean that they never were concerned of how “other animals “ view them. One would think that because of how they look that they are full of self-worth. However, their physical size has nothing to do with their emotional state of mind. I had to learn to live a life with the mindset of stretching myself as far as my neck would take me. I had to learn how to refine my thinking and search deep down to discover my quality, royalty, and exotic thirst for living L.I.F.E. the best way possible. I need to live at L.I.F.E with the mindset of not limiting myself, and that it is OK to have nice things even when others think you should not. I can travel through my journey of life by standing tall and looking around with the heartbeat of staying humble and not allow my wants to cause me to compete in L.I.F.E. I have learned to walk as tall as giraffes, free as a butterfly, and  live in the present filled with charm that provided me with a serene and gentle path in L.I.F.E.  I have a more sharp and witty sense of humor now.  I know I may be surrounded by lions, tigers, and bears, but I walk in the integrity, boldness, and  radiant strength that my Creator gave me. Therefore, I will not fear my surroundings nor allow it to cause me to feel threatened by the challenges that may come from what I see. I am ready to live just like the giraffe that is on my wall.


Lisa W. Beckwith

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