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Thankful for the ability to Vote in American

Thankful for the ability to Vote in American

As we know there was a time when everyone was not able to have the ability and rights to vote. I personally am thankful for a lot of things this year, and knowing the laws changed so that I can have a voice is something that matters to me. I do not want to let my ancestors down. They fought in a non violent way for me and I want to keep the legacy going. Emotional you may not know how to feel, and it’s ok. During this time it can me very stressful because we just do not know who really has our best interest at heart. Are we voting for the count, cause or both? Just think about what you want for the world to be like and hopefully it will turn out that way. We have to be I control of our behavior in order for us to stay focus. Don’t allow others opinions to get you off track. Stay true to who you are and what you stand for. During this time we have to reframe from a lot of negative energy because of the intensity that we are experiencing around the world. Find a way to be thankful for something in your life so that you want be overwhelmed.

This year is election year and this month is the time to show thankfulness for things that has happened in your life. Here are 4 tips for why we should be thankful for the rights to vote.

  1. It helps to move forward

  2. Express what matters in the world

  3. Powerful non-violent act

  4. Extraordinary opportunities for ordinary situations and people

This Thanksgiving may be different because of the pandemic that our world faced this year. Families may not be able to travel to see one another, but we can figure out unique ways to celebrate with our family if we can get to them. There’s nothing like a surprised phone, visit, or receiving a note in the mail to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Let’s try to stay as consistent as we possibly can and be grateful for those we have around us on a daily basis. What are you thankful for?


Coach Lisa

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