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Unpack your L.I.F.E Standards

Unpack your L.I.F.E Standards: Ask questions early so you won't be crushed later.

Unpacking situations leads to confidence, not chaos! ~LWB Butterfly 🦋

As an educator before we start a new lesson showing and introducing a new skill, we must unpack the standard first just so that we understand how to structure the assignments for the students. Some standards require more configuration than others. Some standards are harder to solve than others. As the teacher we will find those factors out before the student; therefore we can prevent any unexpected situations when we are giving instruction.

Life to me is the same way, there are somethings that we must unpack before we enter into it. A lot of times we jump right into situations without analyzing it. In life, we deal with a lot of elements that can cause us to ignore some of the frameworks that come with it. We may even ask questions like why should I put all my time to make sure I am making the best decision and investing in the right things for myself? Or, saying Why is it important for me to be patient and observe situations before jumping right into it. If these are your thoughts I would suggest that you consider the following reasons for unpacking your situations in L.I.F.E.

  • People who unpack their standards about life can understand it better. When we get to know people via conversations, we find out so much of what we need to know and get the clarity we need in order to protect ourselves. This is when you see that having intimate and private conversations are necessary. It will remove any isolation and mid interpretations that make you feel differently about that person or situation.

  • Understanding why you have your standards to unpack in the first place: it helps you make wise and essential choices that will keep you empowered.

  • Unpacking your standards will give you the depth of knowledge you need to know in order to move forward requiring what you want for your life.

  • Having a sharp/Laser-like mindset will remove any misunderstandings. It will align your expectations up in a way that will make it easier for you to move forward.

  • The unpacking mindset will remove ALL unnecessary situations moving forward in your life.

If we enter into the L.I.F.E situation with the mindset of unpacking our standards early, it will simplify things so much better. I have 7 steps to unpacking your standards in life. They may help you.

  1. Be compassionate: it does not mean you have to like or agree with people and their decisions. Showing compassion simply means putting yourself in the person's shoes who hurt you and see if you like the feeling. See it’s not about revenge when we go through things, instead it’s more about understanding how to be better prepared for the next steps. It's ok to be disappointed when someone has hurt you, and it is easy to be mean spirited when you have been hurt. Reality is we all have been hurt and hurt. It may not be the person who hurt you and vis versa, but it’s the same concept. Compassion stops that monster from being exposed.

  2. Be intentional: Be honest about what you want from life and people

  3. Determine your reason to unpack your standards.

  4. Unpack ALL of your standards before diving into a situation you may regret not paying careful attention to.

  5. Analyze your unpacked standards and make sure you are not being unrealistic with what you want to determine the standard.

  6. Remember: Your standards will keep you focused on what you want and determined your essential purpose for what you want and stand for.

  7. When you unpack, it is important not to repack things you already took away.

As you desire to unpack your L.I.F.E. standards make sure you don’t ignore the complexities in life. Know what you want and do not limit yourself for the sake of a moment and a good time. We must not be influencers of being a victim situation that we can prevent from happening. It’s time to analyze and open up your mind, so you can put things in the proper perspective for your life.



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