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What is your L.I.F.Esaver?

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Our thoughts come first, and then they control our minds! - LWB Butterfly

When I think about a lifesaver, I think of 10 elements that I want to share with you. What is the PURPOSE of a L.I.F.E.saver? I remember when I was in a line at the grocery store. I was waiting patiently for the person in front of me to finish with checkout. Now, I am minding my business, and all of a sudden, I look over and see all of these colorful, enticing, tasty treat around you. I try to talk myself out of trying to buy something that I really do not need, but wanted! I look over and I say ok. I will get something to ease my sweet tooth, considering I try not to eat sweets that much. I looked over and saw a colorful roll of candy that read "lifesaver". I pick it up and purchase it. I put it in my purse and walked to the car. As I got settled, I look in my purse and there it was. This colorful wrapper with the word “lifesaver”. I sat in my car for a moment because that word really struck me in a different way. While I was in my thoughts, I wonder why would this candy was called a lifesaver? Then I had a lightbulb moment. I was in a place surrounding me with so many different types of temptation (sweets/treats). I was warring within myself about what to get. I realize that I chose this candy, because it did not make me feel guilty when I would eat it. I knew it was candy, but it was not like getting my typical jumbo honeybun or a chocolate bar. The lifesaver gave me INSPIRATION to reward myself in a small way. It saved me from the other things that could have caused me to have a more serious and difficult consequence (weight issues). The IMAGERY of this candy was small, colorful and round. It was just enough for me. Yet, it gave me a selection of beautiful colors that was full of flavors. In life we will be surrounded by a VARIETY of things that will cause us to make RIGHT choices for ourselves. In that roll I had IDENTIFIED a selection of bright colors with different taste. I had to pick one at a time in order for me to see what the next color would be. As I THINK on my life, I realize my choice were just like the one I made in the store when I purchased the lifesaver. I had to make CHANGES about how I could get what I wanted and enjoy it without settling for anything. That lifesaver RESCUED me from getting myself through a difficult situation or moment and I was not deprived of anything. I put that candy in my month and I had a party going on that made me feel good. I satisfied my human need and then I thought about how this would connect to my spiritual side. I recognize that my true lifesaver is my Creator. The ORIGINALITY of who I am and what I was created for. He knows how to show me different things that are small colorful, tasteful, and yet fulfilling regardless of the size. Now, I look at life from another lens. I take time to truly see that if I do not rush I will notice that I have so many colorful options that can fulfill my every need. My L.I.F.E.saver helps me to make difficult choices easy. My Creator is always there for me in my very needed moments.

I want to share 10 reminders for you to remember when you think about your L.I.F.E.saver.

1. Purpose

2. Inspiration

3. Imagery

4. Variety

5. Rights

6. Identify

7. Think

8. Changes

9. Rescue

10. Originality

What is your L.I.F.E.saver?


Lisa W. Beckwith

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