What's Stopping you from moving forward?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

How to save money and prepare for hard times...

Do you want to be wealthy or just look wealthy? The choice is yours. ©️ 2019 LWB Butterfly 🦋

A lot of people are facing difficult times, especially since the lay off has happened for those who work for the government.

Here are 7 fun and practical ways to save your coins! Remember Don’t overlook the value of a penny. When you see it, pick it up! They do add up!

1. Consult with someone on how to combine your debt, this way you can lower your monthly bills. This will repair your credit in no time.

2. Challenge yourself by rewarding yourself. Start a challenge and set a goal (ex: weight lost). Put the amount of money in a savings jar of the pounds you said you will lose (in dollar amount). It will help you achieve your goal. Even if you do not achieve the goal, you have to put in the amount you were supposed to lose. It’s a win win situation either way! Don’t forget to cash out your coins/dollars and deposit them into your banking account.

3. Stop eating lunch out during the week and pack your lunch for a month. You will then put the remaining amount of money (that you typically budget for lunch) into your savings jar.

4. No extra shopping! Think before you spend. Most of the time we shop acting upon impulsion. Retail therapy is when we shop to heal our souls, and what we forget is that it really blindsides us from realizing that we have other goals to reach as well.

5. Don’t spend what you don’t have. Set a monthly budget (especially for miscellaneous spending) and stick to it.

6.Think of creative ways to make money doing what you like to do. That way it won't seem stressful or as though you are over-working yourself.

7. Remember your coins are yours! Think before you spend a penny!

Excellence is the way!



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