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Lisa Wesley Beckwith is a native of North Carolina. Her birthplace is Washington, DC.   She is a spirit-led woman of God who walks in obedience to His will for her life.  Lisa is a devoted mother of four wonderful gifts from God and a grand-mommy to her precious grandson.  She takes parenting very seriously and has obligated herself to raise great citizens for our society.  All of her children are strong individuals with great character, success, talent and creativity. Lisa is a true Proverbs 31 woman.


Lisa is the Founder/CEO of now called Beckwith Enterprise, LLC. This ecosystem focus on helping others to be the best they can be for themselves.  Lisa has an evolving story.  She fought against allowing herself to feel pessimistic due to her circumstances. She was a teenage/single mother and divorcee.  Those situations caused her to feel unbreakable and unforgettable, because they helped her to become who she is today.  She is a very optimistic person, even after all of the adversities she has faced.  Lisa desires to be transparent regarding her life's journey because she does not want anyone to feel that they are tarnished by the choices that they may have made within their lives.  She is inspired to speak the truth of her story; love instead of hate; live rather than exist. 

Lisa has always had a passion for writing.  She is a current writer for Formidable Woman Magazine.  Lisa  is a former lifestyle writer for a well-known magazine: Beautiful in His Image (BIHI).  These magazine focused on helping women  establish and utilize the abilities that God gave them  as individuals.  Lisa has also served as a guest speaker on a radio show: The Lounge on WAUG in Raleigh, NC.  She used this platform to speak about the importance of  awareness for women to walk in their authenticity and to learn several beauty tips that focus on self-esteem.  Lisa is a committed, empowered, and equality-based  individual who loves to serve others in excellence.  She is very hands-on with the community and has volunteered on several committees and programs: Princess and Prince for a Day (PforaDay) and a Girl Scout troop 3327. Lisa helps to inspire young people to dream big, to execute their dreams by never giving up on who they are, and to follow their passion, even as little people.  She is also an alumni of Saint Augustine's University (SAU) in Raleigh, NC. 

Lisa has several media platforms that shares mindfulness tips regarding life. She has a YouTube Channel called: The L.I.F.E.saving Journey that offers tips on intense life issues.


Lisa  is an Author of seven published books and will have two more books published in the 2022.  She is the Founder/CEO of the Ecosystem  of L.I.F.E. that offers several services such as: Transcendent Literacy program that was established in 2010, The L.I.F.E.saving Journey program for Life Coaching that was established in 2018, Haven & Bloom a Home Essential line that was established in 2020 ,  and she donates 10% of her book sales/products to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help cure the disease.  Lisa is creating her own foundation called Be Courageous  *Be Courageous (BC).  This cause will encourage women and men who were diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She is an educator and has been teaching for over 11 years after working for more than  16 years in the corporate industry.  Lisa thoroughly walks in wisdom when speaking with people regarding their life choices and decisions.  She is an inspirational person who is spirit-led and passionate about serving her Creator and being of assistance to others. 

Credentials at a glance:

  • Elementary  Lead Teacher

  • Two- Time Employee/Teacher of the Month from Word of God Christian Academy

  • Certified Youth/Life Coach, Intercontinental Coaching Institute (ICI)

  • Formal Team Member for External Review for Advanced ED, Middle Creek High School, NC

  • Presently seeking to become a Certified Coach Trainer under International Coaching Studies

  • Trained NC Final Exam Constructed Response Scorer for English III

  • Currently Earning MAT – Masters of Arts in Elementary Education, University of Southern California

  • BS - Bachelor of Science, Business Management, Saint Augustine’s University, Raleigh, NC

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