Lisa is the Founder/CEO of the Ecosystem of L.I.F.E. Lisa W. Beckwith, LLC has a Life Coaching service called The L.I.F.E.saving Journey. This L.I.F.E Coaching Network thrives to present  services offering individuals the opportunity to see themselves mature through executing a healthy mindset of self-worth. One that focuses on the individual, executive corporate, and team building spectrums of life. Lisa hopes to inspire kindness, interaction, and active listening tactics, all while aligning individuals’ specific goals and aspirations. She enjoy moving and transcending people in the right direction.


A Literacy Program called Transcendent. A home essential line called Haven & Bloom.  She has a foundation that she is currently working on called Be Courageous (BC).  Lisa supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation & St. Jude.  She donates to both causes for a cure for cancer.   This establishment ecosystem thrives to present services that offering individuals the opportunity to see themselves mature through executing a healthy mind , body and soul.  The home essential product line include candles, and has other products coming soon. Transcendent is a well-established literacy and summer enrichment program that has served in the community for over nine years.  She is very passionate about helping students get to the next grade level with minimal struggles.   Transcendent 

motto is to teach students to 

Always Be Collaborating (ABC)

~LWB Butterfly.  Lisa started this organization because she felt the need to be a part of others life in an impactful way. 

Remember- Make learning a fun adventure!

Coach Lisa W. Beckwith

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Lisa is the author of  four published books.  Food For L.I.F.E.

'Lasting Impressions Forever Enjoyed" 

 which was launched in the Fall of 2018, Your Child My Student launched in the Summer of 2018, Summer Camp Fun with Grandson it was launched in the summer of 2019.  Lisa has just launched her latest book God is Carrying Me: I am a Warrior.  This story is very personal to her;  because she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and wanted to share her faith journey.   Her faith is what has kept her focus on never giving up on God.  He is her catalyst, which has driven her toward her dreams and successes. Lisa has three more books that will be launched in 2021. 

Always remember -Life is to serve and be served. -LWB Butterfly.

Author Lisa

As an educator for over nine years (and is currently pursuing her Masters in Elementary Education),  Lisa is morally driven and feels socially obligated to teach in excellence with compassion and a determined mindset. She loves to develop and build the self-esteem of students that will cause them to focus their minds and lives toward who they are and what they believe in. 


Lisa is actively showing students how to become the next generation of educators, doctors, engineers, etc.  through effective motivation, determination, nurture and  consistency. 

Lisa has earned her certification for youth and life coaching.

Educators inspire little people, who grow up to be big people. -LWB Butterfly.

Lisa W. Beckwith






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Success Makes Images Look Epic... SMILE... you are on your way!                                       -LWB Butterfly 

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