MARCH into your new IDENTITY with your Finances. Are you Erasing God Order because of (EGO)? Finance is understood in several ways such as: borrowing, lending, exchanging, budgeting, saving, and investing. These are the ways in which we use the term “finance” as it relates to money. The transactions are used based on our positions and needs. We all use our resources differently and have different mindsets about the above categories. Throughout the week think about how you analyze your money and God’s principals for them, along with how you really apply the “sowing and reaping” concept in when it comes to your finances. As humans we have the power to make decisions for what we feel is best for us. However, we have a higher power and being that can help us to Plan, Execute, and Journey through life with the understanding of not Erasing God’s Order because of our (EGO). That word is really not intended to be above a situation, but most times it is used with that mindset. Really ego means “a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance”. It can evolve into having POWER over something and that is when we really get out of line when it comes to being spirit-led verses making natural, sensible decisions. I am here to help you consider which way is best for you. Make your appointment today! 919.719.3930 or visit my website and

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