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It hurts bad

It is indescribable

It’ll ease over time

#LWB Butterfly 🦋

We have to learn how to turn pain into power!

Be gentle with pain

Be present with your pain so you can face it head-on

Pain will Hurt and is inevitable, but try to find a happy place to avoid destruction

Avoid pain want to stop it. Instead, it could keep you stuck in a uncomfortable place.

Allow love to heal your pain.

Here are 7 tips to help you as you are healing

  1. Reflect on positive moments to counter the painfulness and reframe your thoughts

  2. Be gentle - having patience with yourself will help you to heal. Don’t do what you think others think is best. You are an individual with uniqueness that was crafted just for you. Offer yourself compassion

  3. Self-Care - seek out support from mantras who can guide you to a place of comfort and peace. Keep empowering yourself

  4. Process it - things want be the same so take your time to understand the new journey you are on. Give time to think about it, process it, and remind yourself that you are human

  5. Accept it - deal with the reality and don’t be stuck in what you thought it should be. Be present with your pain and don’t ignore the negative moments. They will bring healing too.

  6. Talk/cry it out Embrace all emotions

  7. Pace yourself- practice moving forward by simply being mindful of where you currently are. Don’t rush your pain away without understanding that you have dealt with a major trauma

Lisa W. Beckwith

Life is to serve and be served🦋!

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