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Being lifted up from Abandonment: It is your time!

Motivation: Being lifted up from Abandonment: It is your time! 

Don’t restrict yourself, be willing to face the challenges! You will be surprised how motivated you really can be! -LWB Butterfly 🦋.

Be careful not to push yourself away from what motivated you in the first place! -LWB Butterfly 🦋.

In life we have been programmed to think a certain way, act a certain way, and look a certain way. Well, it is time for you to motivate yourself, and be who you want to be, look the way you want to look, act the way you want to act, and do what you pleases you.  Setting yourself free from abandonment will cause you to walk into a new direction that allows you to feel good about who you are and what you want.  Bring a motivated person can look differently to someone else.  I have seen how people changes were based on their circumstances or others close to them. We can find ourselves following someone who has a certain type of philosophy until something in their life shifts and then they conform to something else. I see that a lot in the religious world. No, I am not shaming anyone, but I am encouraging you to not be in a box when it comes to what motivates you. We can be motivated by different people and situations. I just want you to know why you are doing what you are doing and what motivated you to do it.  

I was motivated to be a Life Coach because I really love helping people. Now I know I can help without someone investing in themselves, but I found that when you invest in yourself you are more than likely willing to stay committed to it. I want to help other be more accountable for what they say them want for themselves. All motivation does for us is remind us of our goals and gives us the drive to go after what we say we want.  We have to have the enthusiasm to make things happen in our life and not measure it based on what others have.  So many times I hear people saying they want what others have. We have to learn not to change that mindset. We should not want what others have, instead we should be encouraged to get what we want without comparing ourselves to others situations.  

Sometimes we can motivate ourselves in an unhealthy way and that will cause is to question our reasons for achieving something. Be your own self. Authenticity is a unique quality! Do not ever be ashamed of Your Own Uniqueness (YOU). -LWB Butterfly 🦋.  Below are a few different types of motivation to consider that can hinder us or help us.

Amotivation -this type of motivation can delay what we really are trying to achieve. It is because we do not value what we say we really want. This one will cause is not to do anything and really it steams from fear. Extrinsic- this type of motivation is shown when a person need to be rewarded for doing what they say they want for themselves. For example, if you know you want to lose weight, you will find a program that will reward you for doing something you need to do for yourself.  It’s built on outside influences. Intrinsic- this type of motivation is from within. You are not influenced by anyone or anything but yourself. You have a nature drive to satisfy you with know approval from anyone.

You have to find out what motivated you and why. None of these types of motivations are right or wrong. You just need to find out which one will MOTIVATE you enough to do something different.  It does not matter what your passion is just own it and walk in it with determination and confidence.  We all have common interest in life, but we all don’t utilize our abilities enough to motivate us to go for what we want! Remember, Don’t restrict yourself, be willing to face the challenges! You will be surprised how motivated you really can be! -LWB Butterfly 🦋.



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