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Dealing with Insecurity: Abandonment

Graduating into a New Zone!

  Dealing with Insecurity: Abandonment! 

Being insecure because of abandonment means that it’s time to align your Solar Plexus!-LWB Butterfly 🦋

Become aware of your Vishaddha Chakra. 

If you have ever been in a relationship from any standpoint, there’s a possibility that you have dealt with abandonment. It is a common, yet undesirable, experience that we may go through on this universe. Abandonment has sabotaged a lot of relationships, and each individuals' insecurity may elevate the situation. Insecurity can interfere with how we communicate (or lack thereof) because of our discomfort regarding who we are speaking to.  The key is learning to balance out our Solar Plexus chakra to start our healing process. It helps us to grow our power, will, and self love in order to deal with any type of insecurity. Abandonment causes a lot of triggers within, and the most common are feelings of fear and vulnerability. These types of energies will cause one to possibly deal with anxiety and never want to be in a relationship again. This is what happened to me. I was so afraid to allow someone to connect with me, because of my past experiences.  I can relate to abandonment as it pertains to relationships. I contemplated, "How can someone just decide to leave me, and the responsibilities that we committed to sharing?". So, I guarded my heart because I never wanted to associate with those emotional situations. I had decided not to be put in a situation that was (really) out of my hands (because, there is another person in the relationship whose decisions may shift, which I cannot predict, control, or understand). I was not going to be in another relationship again where someone could make the decision to leave me “just because”. I had allowed abandonment to imprison me, so I hid behind that insecurity and isolated myself from other relationships. Learn to deal with your insecurities and abandonment so that  it does not control you. Learn to empower yourself with the truth of your situation (that we all are involved with others who can made their own decisions) instead of following your emotional state-of-mind (making the relationship what we want it be for ourselves). There are patterns that we are not familiar with that keep us in our zones of insecurity.  It’s time to graduate (and elevate)  and move into a new and improved zone for yourself.  Here are some tips to help you identify insecurities (and how to progress for future (emotional) situations).

Self-Isolating Patterns of Insecurity

1. Having expectations that you nor the other person can handle. (Don’t set yourself up for failure.)

2. Overlooking your feelings and hoping the person you are with can do the same. (Face your fears and deal with them.)

3. Monopolizing the situation to make you feel secure.(Be Direct.)

4. Discussing your insecurities and then becoming frustrated if you don’t feel their support. (Your growth is for you.)

5. Covering up your insecurities. (This causes you to lose your authenticity.)

6. Wanting pity from others because of your insecurities. (Be secure within yourself.)

7. Panicking. (Adjust your situation maturely.)


1. Stop blaming yourself for the abandonment.

2. Accept Self love with no judgment.

3. Identify your insecurities.

4. Be responsible!

5. Don’t allow abandonment to destroy your good energy.

6. Be confident and use the power that’s within you and deal with (talk to) the person who abandoned you.

7. Transform insecurity into security by aligning yourself with your Solar Plexus, which will help you to readjust your energy

It’s time to set yourself free from the self-inflicting insecurities. 

You got this!

Believe in you and start enjoying L.I.F.E. again.

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