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Mental Health Breakthrough : It’s Not A Taboo!

Mental Health Breakthrough : It’s Not A Taboo!

Spring into Fresh Energy Health Week

Quote: Don’t regret, nor be ashamed of your story! Someone else needs to hear it and to know that they are not alone!

-LWB Butterfly.

The developmental stages in our childhood life may pave the way for Mental Health Illness (if not acknowledged and resolved). The first medicine to prescribe is LOVE... -LWB Butterfly

The cause of Mental Health is not diagnosed nor generated only by a chemical imbalance. It can also be triggered by the emotional trauma from a person's childhood that is never addressed. The traumatic childhood events in a person’s life can cause many factors. Let’s release together so that we can live our best life. As people we have a way to suppress our Emotional Intelligence because some of us were taught not to deal with them (especially males).This type of emotional disconnect causes a person not to be able to handle them and then they discover the pressures that can cause an overwhelming feeling. This feeling can possibly be the reason that we simply tap out of this world, mentally, and enter into a place that stops the pain. The possibilities of working things out is just too hard to do, so we find ourselves feeling (and being) lost in our emotions because we don't know the root cause. Think about it. We are like a volcano that has erupted  when we have suppressed our feelings over time. I remember reading a story with my fifth grade students about volcanoes. It really triggered some thoughts.Why do some of us react the way that we do in life? Why get to a point of no return? The volcano does not just erupt. It takes time for the pressure of the heat to get to an extreme high, which causes the levels of intensity to rise, resulting in an explosion. This is called life for us and the cause of it stems from our childhood. Children are the first to deal with all kinds of explosions that are factors resulting from mental health break downs in our society. I realized a long time ago that children grow up with the disheartening experiences that may trigger from adults (their parents) only to grow up and become that adult. Creating an unbroken pattern. Now, we live in a universe full of broken-heartbeats (in children and adults). When issues start to flood over an individual, or they remember their personal experience as a child, it brings forth the questions of who we are and what we are here for, especially when it’s hard to deal with life. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are conditions that cause  chemical imbalances in life as well (ones which are out of our control). But we have to learn to find a way to conquer ourselves from within and heal from our past (especially child trauma).

 If you have been diagnosed with something that is a medical caution for you to be aware of, and have to learn to operate in it, do not be discouraged. It does not define who you are as a person, unless you allow it to. Dig deep inside of you and discover the beautiful person that was created by the Creator. Find a new way to look at yourself and do not feel discouraged because life happens. Everything is triggered by someone or something. Sometimes, our past can have a grip on our current outlook. You may have been a person who created your own path. Your path, however, stemmed from another source, possibly an adult. For example, most children are curious about sex and they may research a way to find out more information. That information may not have come from their parents (possibly because of the sensitive topic), but there was an individual (an adult) who could have introduced it to the child. That discovery has the power to warp a child because that child really was not ready, nor prepared, for what they were searching for in the first place.If you are dealing with mental illness, be strong and stay encouraged and don’t allow yourself to fall into a deeper hole of self-pity because of what you may have seen or perhaps caused for yourself. I do not know you personally, but, I believe in you and know you can find a way to think differently about who you are and what you can handle in life. It’s OK to readjust yourself and move in a new direction. Mental Illness is real and I witnessed it happened to one of my dear loved ones. I am not sharing their story, I will let them do that, but I will say that I was truly hurt to my core. My deepest hurt came from my inability to do anything about the situation. What I had to realize was that I have a powerful Creator that knew, one day, that my loved one was going to go through this very situation and that He would be their to comfort them through their pain. I had to trust in God for peace, deliverance and direction. It’s hard to deal with things in the natural when you see the pain, trauma, and the desire of someone not wanting to not exist anymore. But then I had to execute my faith and I had to control my natural feelings. The best thing we can do for people is to pray for them. We cannot fix what we did not cause. Over time, I saw the hope of life starting to form again (and medicine had nothing to do with it). My loved one knew that they were loved, but they had to learn to love themselves as well. Other people's love is wonderful, but is nothing like you loving on you. Don’t be so hard on yourself that you feel like you cannot come back! Stop allowing the child to drive your adult life. Remember, this is your life and you need to live it the best way you can. It’s not based on how much money you have, nor does it measure the things that are accumulated. Your mental health is a precious gem that you should take care of and not allow it to become numb and useless. Today, tomorrow, and in your future, rise up and be the best YOU that you can be. Mental health is not a taboo. it is simply something that’s not understood, because of how the reactions are released. For anyone who has a loved one who deals with these experiences, please love on them and encourage them to take care of themselves. They have a purpose! People deal with different types of illnesses every day and most of the time, they are supported. However, mental health illness has typically been an illness to be ashamed of. We have to become a society that is compassionate enough to support this type of condition without judgment. Mental illness is not something that we should be embarrassed about; instead, it is something that we need to embrace with love!


A traumatic experience is one that threatens death or injury to self or others and elicits intense feelings of fear, helplessness, or horror (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Examples of traumatic events include physical abuse, sexual abuse, combat, witnessing violence or disaster, or the sudden death of a loved one. Over a lifetime, most people experience at least one potentially traumatic event (Klein and Alexander, 2009). In a community-level study in the United States, it was found that 74.2% of women and 81.3% of men reported experiencing at least one traumatic event in their lifetime (Stein et al., 1997). A community study (Breslau, 2009; Breslau et al., 1999) reported similar findings, 78.1% for women and 92.2% among men, for lifetime prevalence of exposure to traumatic events. Results from a national study in the United States indicate overall rates of child maltreatment at 13.8% (8.0% having experienced sexual abuse, 6.7% physical abuse, 2.9% severe neglect, and 3.2% reporting multiple forms of child maltreatment experienced; Zielinski, 2009).

The Earth is in you-LWB Butterfly 🦋



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