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Plan, Execute, and Travel/Journey!

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Learn to Plan, Execute, and Travel/ Journey in L.I.F.E. It will help you to talk less and speak more! ©️2018 LWB Butterfly 🦋

I recently became a life coach and was nervous about how to relay my messages to adults without insulting their situations/circumstances. My first seminar was on finances, and my message was: plan, execute, and travel/journey in life. I thought that was so transparent and that it would not be appreciated because of its simplicity. One day, while meditating, my creator spoke to me and told me not to change the course in which I had been operating in as an educator. He reminded me of what I did on a daily bases and that caused me to have the confidence to speak about finances to His people about that important process in our life. I took the model and used the circumstance (finances) to help others to improve their thoughts about that area. The concept that I wanted to share with my clients were how to understand the importance of planning, executing and traveling/journeying in life. As educators, the first thing we have to do is plan. In order for our students to understand the objective and concept of what we are teaching, we must present a lesson plan to administration in order for them to know that we are prepared to teach the lesson to the students. Once we have received the approval them, we are able to execute the subject and concept by modeling different strategies and doing hands-on cooperative learning strategies for the student to identify what we want to teach them. Then, the teacher would introduce the students to different ways of learning (traveling/journeying through) the lesson. There are times that I had students to pair and share so that they would collaborate with one another. This activity causes my students to come together to see how others are thinking and to see if anyone needed to adjust their thinking. When I had this financial seminar, I was surprised to see just how many people did not understand the importance of planning, executing, and traveling/journeying through things that were necessary in order to process and prepare for their financial changes. At this point, I knew that life coaching was for me because it connected me to a new way of identifying with seasoned adults. Sometimes in life, we assume that, just because someone is older, they should know everything. I have learned to take ownership as a person and become the leader God wants me to be in order to help guide others through their life journey by simply sharing what I know based upon what I was taught. In time, those people will pay it forward and do the same for others. As we live on this universe we must understand the key purpose of L.I.F.E. and that is Sharing is Caring! -LWB Butterfly.



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